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St. Joes land acknowledgment plaque near Alumni Hall on the UCity campus, Nov. 27.

St. Joe’s land acknowledgment in limbo

While St. Joe’s has yet to publish an official land acknowledgment statement recognizing the Lenape land the university is built upon, a plaque on the University City campus does just that. The...

Alexa Ubertaccio ’24, the creator of the Instagram account findinghappy_alexa.

Senior destigmatizes eating disorders through social media

Hannah Madeya October 4, 2023

Vulnerability, vocalizing mental health struggles, leaning on friends and breaking down the stigma surrounding eating disorders is what Alexa Ubertaccio ’24 wishes to accomplish with her Instagram account...

Jose Antonio Vargas spoke during UndocuWeek. PHOTO: KELLY SHANNON ’24/THE HAWK.

Hawks for Immigration, Advocacy and Reform

Aodhan Simpson April 27, 2022

On a campus ministry trip to Puebla, Mexico in 2020, Emma McCusker ’22 witnessed first-hand what politicians were dubbing the U.S.-Mexico “border crisis.”  “There was a freight train that...

Reflecting on Day of Dialogue 2022

Reflecting on Day of Dialogue 2022

The Hawk Staff February 22, 2022

A day off from class or a day to self-educate? St. Joe’s canceled classes on Feb. 16 and held its third annual Day of Dialogue (DOD). The day consisted of 80 sessions and a variety of different events...

A person wears a pin during the 2021 Day of Dialogue. 

Day of Dialogue 2022

Eddie Daou February 16, 2022

St. Joe’s third annual Day of Dialogue is taking place on Feb. 16 beginning at 9:30 a.m. The day-long event will host panels covering many topics surrounding diversity, equity and inclusion in a conference-style...

Radiant Bloom Productions told the story of feminism in the U.S. PHOTO: Raven Smith ’20

The f-word is Feminism — a history of the controversy

Jackie Collins November 19, 2019

The f-word is feminism, at least it is in Radiant Bloom Productions’, “The F-word,” a show that celebrates the diversity of women and the many conflicting beliefs about feminism. The Women’s Leadership...

Carolyn Harper, the artist, stands with her piece titled “Dobb.” PHOTOS: Kaitlyn Patterson ’20

Facing the forgotten

Kaitlyn Patterson November 5, 2019

Philadelphia artist sheds light on homelessness epidemic There are approximately 5,700 people in Philadelphia that are considered to be homeless as of 2018, contributing to the 552,830 total individuals...

Robyn Fenty for president

Robyn Fenty for president

Hadassah Colbert October 29, 2019

Why I want to be Rihanna when I grow up My life was forever changed in 2005 when a young woman from the small island of Barbados named Robyn Rihanna Fenty (or as many may know her, Rihanna) stepped onto...

Dr. Twayigira spoke on refugee education. PHOTO: MITCHELL SHIELDS ’22/THE HAWK

Survival through education: a refugee’s hope

Erin Breen March 5, 2019

Refugee education advocate and Rwandan Genocide survivor Dr. Mireille Twayigira, M.D., spoke about her experiences as a refugee in a lecture on Feb. 27. In 1994, two-year-old Twayigira and her family...

Will Marsh 18 planned a conference advocating for dyslexia at Union Catholic Regional High School  
(Photo by Luke Malanga 20).

Overcoming a daily challenge

Stephanie McCarthy January 30, 2018

Past and present students share their journeys with dyslexia. Everyone has their own challenges they must face, some beginning earlier than others. For individuals with dyslexia, a language-based learning...

‘Safety Dance’

Abbie Sweetman December 5, 2016

Actions speak louder than pins To put things lightly, it’s been a rough few weeks for everyone, and not just for the reasons we anticipated. Usually, November brings papers, midterms, and the somber...

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