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Khalil Ebrahim Saloojee (left) and his father Suliman Saloojee (right), outside their company headquarters in Anchorville, each credits the other with different talents that help make the family business successful. PHOTO: ZACH PODOLNICK 26/THE HAWK

Family clothing business threads perseverance with community care

Shekinah Davis ’24 M.A., Special to the Hawk July 4, 2024

Anchorville, South Africa — When the Saloojee family opened their first men’s clothing store in 1972 in the mining town of Westonaria, about 30 miles from Johannesburg, they had to find a white man...

graphic of an LGBTQIA+ pride flag with text reading Beyond the Binary

‘Pioneers of fashion’

Allie Miller, Editor-in-Chief April 10, 2024
LGBTQIA+ members signify identity by clothing choices
Dressing sustainably: Combatting the dangers of fast fashion

Dressing sustainably: Combatting the dangers of fast fashion

Sophia Martino November 29, 2023

The fast fashion industry is a hidden danger to the environment, as not enough people are truly aware of just how much waste it produces. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans...


Shein: What’s behind the clothes; A closer look at the leader of fast fashion

Allison Kite September 28, 2021

In the last five years, Shein (pronounced she-in), a multi-billion dollar global company, has become a massively popular brand among young adult buyers attracted by the company’s notoriously cheap clothing...


“Tax the rich”; A ball gown speaks a thousand words

Maggie Brennen September 21, 2021

Every year, some of the world’s most famous people come to New York City for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala (The Met Gala), a  fundraiser for the annual fashion exhibit...


Students draw the line on what they will spend to be ‘trendy’

Gabriella Guzzardo April 20, 2021

Golden Goose sneakers are ruffling some feathers with a price tag of at least $460 but with the look of a thrift store shoe. The price of Golden Goose sneakers range from $460 to $1,700, depending on...

Jala Cosley ’22 sells traditional African waist beads.  PHOTO: KELLY SHANNON ’24/THE HAWK

Student starts business selling traditional African waist beads

Giana Longo October 13, 2020

Inspired by her family’s Ghanaian roots, Jala Cosley ’22 started African Twist, an online business that sells traditional waist beads and other accessories.  “For me, being born in the United States,...

Fatphobia: society still not body positive

Fatphobia: society still not body positive

Catherine Moffett September 29, 2020

Over the course of our lifetimes, movements dedicated to diet culture have always been prevalent. From the Santa Monica diet, to the ketogenic diet, these terms are part of our vocabulary, something we...

Blue light glasses, which filter out blue light, are becoming popular among those who spend more time looking at screens. PHOTO: Mitchell Shields ’22

Blue light glasses aim to reduce negative effects of digital screens

Sarah Morrison December 3, 2019

It’s nearing midnight and Kyle Knapp ’22 is scrolling through the last of his social media accounts before he turns in for the night. As he finishes up, and his eyes start to get heavy, Knapp takes...

Forever 21 and the fall of fast fashion

Forever 21 and the fall of fast fashion

Devin Yingling October 8, 2019

A case for the shift to thrift shopping Prominent fast fashion retailer Forever 21 stated that it would file for bankruptcy on Sept. 29.  The company will “cease operations in 40 countries, including...

Marie Giacobbe ’22 incorporates her designs into her wardrobe. PHOTOS: Mitchell Shields ’22

Student turns craft into custom shoe business

Emily Graham September 24, 2019

One night in LaFarge Residence Center, Marie Giacobbe ’22 and her suitemates broke out some acrylic paint and started painting random items around their suite. Giacobbe found an old pair of Birkenstock...

Brittany Carvalhoso 20 stores old clothes in a spare room in her house before selling them on her thrift account. PHOTO: Kaitlyn Patterson 20

Nifty thrifty

Kaitlyn Patterson July 19, 2019

Online thrift stores become Instagram trend Instagram—an online haven where you can find just about anything; there are foodie accounts, meme accounts. Even our dogs have Instagram accounts these days....

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