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Why City of Grants Pass, Oregon v. Johnson concerns all of us

Mary Pucci, Guest Columnist May 1, 2024

We as Americans often pay little attention to the workings of the United States Supreme Court. However, it is time to tune in. The Supreme Court will soon be hearing the City of Grants Pass, Oregon v....

graphic of a judge dropping hammer in front of a woman

Arizona’s reinstated 1864 abortion ban is inherently un-American

Caroline Trimble April 24, 2024
Disrupting the balance between interests
graphic of a bunker with the movie title Civil War

CineHawk review: ‘Civil War’

Jaylen Dotson April 24, 2024

An edge-of-your-seat dystopian epic that hits far too close to home, “Civil War” follows a quartet of intrepid photojournalists as they document the harrowing events of a second American Civil War....

Should cities bite the bullet on gun laws?

Grace Heller April 24, 2024
Pennsylvania may need to reevaluate the Uniform Firearms Act
graphic illustration of Pennsylvania divided in two, blue side reading Casey 50%, red side reading McCormick 42%

The misleading swing state: Pennsylvania

Jake Richfield March 27, 2024
Bob Casey Jr. poised to win reelection 

A new Biden, but the same issues

Jake Richfield March 20, 2024
Gearing up for election season

Pakistan’s general election results in political unrest

Jake Richfield February 21, 2024
Pakistan is in great turmoil

Who should determine environmental laws?

Taylor Stech February 21, 2024
Congressional power, agency control
Ad Hawk: Gaza: Live-streamed genocide

Ad Hawk: Gaza: Live-streamed genocide

Isra Yazicioglu February 21, 2024

The world has been watching a live-streamed genocide in Gaza for 130 days. Despite the media blackout Israel tried to impose, the world has been witnessing daily and hourly sheer destruction of lives...


2024: The lesser of two evils once again

Jake Richfield January 31, 2024

Following the results of the first presidential primary contests, the dreaded scenario for many Americans is becoming the reality: a Trump vs. Biden rematch. Even though both Ron DeSantis and Nikki...


Dutch election: Worrying for democracy

Jake Richfield December 6, 2023

In the Netherlands’ Nov. 22 general election, the Party for Freedom (PVV) won 37 seats, a plurality in parliament, and the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD), a center-right party, lost...

Congress must get their act together

Congress must get their act together

Jake Richfield November 29, 2023

In just the last few weeks, two members of Congress, Rep. Tim Burchett and former Rep. Adam Kinzinger, accused former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy of “elbowing” and “shoulder-checking”...

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