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Father Dan Joyce and Julia Oseka ’25 at Mass on Nov. 13 in the Chapel of Saint Joseph.

Physics major looks to lift women in science and the Church

Anna Kalafatis November 15, 2022

It was at the Nazareth School in Warsaw, Poland where a love of Jesus and physics collided for Julia Oseka ’25.  “I love proving that those two are not mutually exclusive,” Oseka said, as...

A league of her own; Being a woman in sports media is not easy, but who says we can’t do it?

AnnE Potter February 2, 2022

The fight for gender equality within sports media and journalism has seen some success, yet true equality still does not exist in the field. Being a woman in sports journalism is not easy. The intimidation...


Raising the Bar

Lauren Lodge February 2, 2022

Examining the relationship between women and weights The metal dug into my back as my legs quaked. “One more, Lauren, just one more,” I told myself. Deep grunts bounced off the concrete walls at...

The team celebrates after their win over VCU.

Women’s soccer rides hot streak to A10 semifinal

Aaron Tully November 16, 2021

The St. Joe’s women’s soccer team slayed the beast that had been a thorn in their side for years.  After going winless in their first nine games of the season and not scoring a goal in the first...

Operation Tampon is hoping to expand in the fall semester to more bathrooms on campus.  PHOTO: SARAH HARWICK 21/THE HAWK

Operation Tampon adds women’s health products to bathrooms

Mark Less May 26, 2021

“Operation Tampon,” a joint initiative between HawkHUB and Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI), began providing free menstrual products in St. Joe’s bathrooms last month.  HawkHUB, the university’s...

Evans ’23 said building a community within WLI is important to her. DeMarco ’22 said she hopes to leave a legacy of hard work and empowerment. PHOTOS COURTESY OF KAYLA EVANS  ’23 AND MADDIE DEMARCO ’22.

Student leader spotlight: co-presidents of WLI

Nenagh Sheehan March 9, 2021

With St. Joe’s students isolated to abide by COVID-19 protocols, chances to connect with fellow students are limited. Each week, The Hawk will offer conversations with various student leaders to help...

The pandemic’s effect on women

The pandemic’s effect on women

The Hawk Staff March 9, 2021

The toll of domestic violence and unemployment Women are disproportionately impacted by the coronavirus pandemic through increased rates of domestic violence and unemployment, yet there has been little...


Who is the G.O.A.T?

Faith Cowell February 23, 2021

Black female athletes should be leading the debate The greatest athlete is certainly not some overly-macho football player with an ego the size of the moon. So maybe he’s won seven Super Bowls (after...

Womens leadership in the business school

Women’s leadership in the business school

Maggie Koch October 27, 2020

A call to action for increased female representation On Sept. 18, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away. While she lived a long life with an incredible career, it left many women, including...

You’ve got the right to be mad

You’ve got the right to be mad

Hadassah Colbert March 3, 2020

A perspective on the angry black woman stereotype It is a cold and cruel world out here for outspoken and opinionated black women with strong presences. If you let your blood pressure rise one bit, all...

‘I’m not like other girls’

‘I’m not like other girls’

Karleigh Lopez February 28, 2020

Discussing the ways women interact with women I have always found that I can be especially impatient when dealing with “pick me” girls. I am all but certain that every single person has experienced...

Encouraging men to be feminists

Encouraging men to be feminists

Jackie Collins January 28, 2020

It’s not emasculating to stand for human rights This year marks the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment’s passing, which awarded and protected women’s constitutional right to vote. Due to this,...

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