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Fit to be king
Lilli Dellheim '25 M.A., Special to the Hawk • July 13, 2024

What are you most looking forward to in “normal times” ?


I miss seeing people’s full faces and seeing them smile. You can see in their eyes, but it’s different to see their whole face light up. That’s one of the things I really look forward to.

Beth Hagovsky, Ed.D.
Director of Student Leadership & Activities
What I look most forward to in all times is not having to second guess ourselves. We’re constantly thinking, “is this okay to do?”

Emma Murphy ’21
Undergraduate Student
Seeing people’s faces. There are some people I work with who I’ve never actually seen their faces because I’ve only ever seen them with a mask on.

Olivia Clark ’22
Undergraduate Student
Being able to go out to eat in restaurants, even the movies with full capacity.

Kyle Stivala ’23
Undergraduate Student
Being able to see my family without having to take a negative test.

Christian Delorenzo ’23
Undergraduate Student
I miss running into people, sitting down, really having a conversation. Just little things like the library, and really getting to know people. It’s hard to make new friends now. I have my old friends, so it’s great, but it’s hard to keep meeting people and that was always my favorite part of college.

Tara Lanehart ’22
Undergraduate Student
Being able to reconnect with people that I was forcibly separated with during the pandemic is going to be a great opportunity. That’s something that I’ve been hoping for, for quite a while now.

David Dessberg ’22
Undergraduate Student
Not having conversations about the pandemic or masks or vaccines. I’ll be glad when we get to a point where we don’t talk about it anymore. I’m sick of talking about it.

Donald Townsend
visiting professor of marketing
I still have a whole year left at St. Joe’s, and I’d love to see the campus just get back to what it used to be. It’s sort of depressing walking around campus nowadays, compared to what it was like our freshman, sophomore years.

Ryan Novak ’22
Undergraduate Student
All I wanted to do was hug my grandparents, and fortunately I got that over Easter.

CJ Donofry ’22
Undergraduate Student
Just the physical presence of students. I love when students come and meet with us in person. I truly miss that. I need that 3D as opposed to just looking at people on screen.

Christine Mecke, Ed.D.
director of student disability services
Wearing your mask or being behind a Zoom screen is really isolating, so being able to communicate with people normally and see their facial expressions, that’s a big part of talking in general, and we haven’t been able to have that in a while.

Nicole Benson ’24
Undergraduate Student
I’m just looking forward to not having so much anxiety about talking to people and hanging out with people and going to concerts. I’m so excited. I miss concerts so much.

Julia Stokes ’23
Undergraduate Student
I’ll be glad to have the students back here. In some ways we get more work done because you’re not constantly getting interrupted, but I think we miss having the students here.

Thomas Brennan, S.J.
chair of the English Department
To be able to experience college normally without any restrictions against the students.

Dalton Walsh ’24
Undergraduate Student
I’ll just like being able to do whatever I want. Going out with friends, sitting all together, not having to have two different tables, not wearing a mask every second I go somewhere, being able to see people’s faces.

Dean Genakos ’22
Undergraduate Student
just want to hug my kids. I just want to hug. I’m looking forward to kids screaming “Principal Douglas” and running up to me and being able to hug me without any elbow punches. Running up and seeing their smiles because their masks hide their smiles.

Tisha Douglas, M.Ed.
adjunct professor of undergraduate teacher education
I’m a huge face-to-face person. I’ve always been that way. What I look forward to the most is being able to be somewhere and not have to worry. Be at a concert, be at a family party, be able to have dinner and not have to worry about that.

Matt Lydon ’21
Undergraduate Student
Getting to know the students personally and being able to have spontaneous interactions without worrying about all of the other possible ramifications of saying “hi” to someone, or shaking hands or hanging out with students in the hallway between classes.

Catherine Hughes, Ph.D.
visiting assistant professor of music, theatre and film
Being with a group of people and not wondering if my actions in a group gathering are going to affect me negatively in a week or two.

Nicholl Fenton ’21
Undergraduate Student

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