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Fit to be king
Lilli Dellheim '25 M.A., Special to the Hawk • July 13, 2024

Rise to shine

Graphic by Kaitlyn Patterson 20.
Graphic by Kaitlyn Patterson ’20.

Figuring out a morning routine

Wake up, hit snooze and roll back over.

Hear the alarm again.

Jump out of bed, make a cup of coffee, throw on clothes and hurry to campus.

I don’t have a morning routine. Some mornings, I wake up earlier than my alarm. I have time to brush and straighten my recently dyed hair, put on a full face of makeup, make my bed and still have time to spare for a little light reading. But most mornings, I feel extremely rushed to get ready for the day ahead of me.

Successful women like Arianna Huffington and Michelle Obama have created morning routines geared towards their personalities. After one extremely rushed morning which culminated in a late arrival to class, I decided I needed one too.

To figure out my perfect morning routine, I carefully researched what would work best for me and found a “Create Your Own” morning routine on the website SmartTwenties. I chose to add seven activities out of 12 options to my morning.

Each morning, I would drink a cup of water, wash my face, stretch, read the morning news, eat breakfast, do my hair and makeup and make my bed. The night before I began my routine, I was nervous. How could I fit these tasks into my already time-crammed mornings?

On Monday, I angrily turned off my screaming alarm. I quickly walked through my off-campus apartment and filled up a glass with water, which I chugged. Task one, complete.

I turned on my Keurig machine then ran to the bathroom where I washed my face with beautifully warm water. Task two, done. I felt like this whole morning routine thing was getting easier.

As my coffee brewed, I performed yoga stretches to wake up my body as well as my mind. I felt a little funny doing the downward dog in my bedroom, but pondered how great I felt after this while I sipped my hot coffee and read the morning news.

Although I thought I would be pressed for time, I finished all seven tasks, left on time for class with my hair and makeup done and felt more awake and ready for the day.

Kim Allen-Stuck, Ph.D., the Assistant Vice President for Student Success and Educational Support at Saint Joseph’s University, believes that students could see more success if they make their morning routine a habit.

“Any time you can put structure into your life, you can get more done, because you know when to do it,” Allen-Stuck said.

By Wednesday, I could picture this elaborate routine becoming a daily habit. Every day, I felt more prepared for the challenges ahead of me along with being more aware of what was happening around the globe.

After five days of trying to perfect my morning routine, I felt like I was missing something. With this time sensitive routine, I had no time to “putz.”

Abby Carlino ’19, leaves herself time to do her favorite things during her morning routine. Instead of  ignoring her favorite pastimes, like me, Carlino adds time to eat breakfast, do her makeup and watch the newest late-night shows. She starts her day off with breakfast and a laugh.

“I love the late-night shows, especially Seth Meyers,” Carlino said. “But I can’t stay awake long enough to watch them live, so I’ve found a way to squeeze them into my morning routine.”

Allen-Stuck advises her students to know themselves before they implement any changes into their lives. If you enjoy taking your time in the morning, don’t schedule too many things to do.  If students do intend on checking off several tasks, make sure to create time to do so.

“My morning routine usually takes about two hours and 50 minutes,” Allen-Stuck says.

Although her routine is longer than that of the average student when she completes its, she feels sharper and more ready for the day than when she skips it.

My week of perfecting the morning routine has made me feel less rushed and more prepared for my day, but it has removed the spontaneity and personal touches to my days that I valued. I need to add time to lounge and to ease myself into the morning.

There is more room for perfection and more room for putzing.

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