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Fit to be king
Lilli Dellheim, Special to the Hawk • July 13, 2024

Valentine’s Day is…


“…a time to appreciate loved ones, whether it be romantic or not. Good candy and good company is always involved.” -Ana Faguy

“…cool! It should be about letting the people in your life know that you love them, whether that be by going out to dinner with your significant other or sending funny memes to your friends. Last year, my roommate and I gave everyone on our floor cards to celebrate and they loved it.” -Sam Henry

“…not always about making a big deal, but spending it with people (romantic or otherwise) you care about. Last year on Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend had appendicitis and I had bronchitis, so we stayed in, but we still had a really nice time together.” -Vivian Milan

…schmaltzy and indulgent holiday that displays love’s transforming power on people and the impact of genuine intimacy and openness. I’m indifferent. – Mark De Leon

“…a day where I am able to feel loved, show love, and see others who are loved as they walk around with their teddy bears and their cardboard hearts full of chocolate.” -Charley Rekstis

“…the best holiday ever! I can’t wait to give my friend’s valentines, give them an extra hug, and sprinkle glitter everywhere. I’m even more excited for Galentine’s Day, as it is another excuse to shower my friends with love and promote girl power.” -Victoria Tralies

“…a time to reconnect with a significant other or family. Last year, my long distance boyfriend came home for the weekend. He made me one of those color-your-own puzzles. Even though it was about 20 pieces, I struggled to put it together! The day was a nice excuse to visit each other and exchange silly presents.” -Brittany Swift

“…the day I got a lot of notifications from Package Services, because my parents, grandparents, and godmother thought enough of me to send care packages and cards. Who needs a “special someone” when there’s a whole group willing to say “I love you”?” -Rose Weldon

“…relative, depending on my age and relationship status at the time. When I was in elementary school it was a chance to get a bunch of cards, and plus I’d always get a cute little present from my parents. In college, it’s a weird holiday because relationships are rarely defined and Valentine’s Day really brings that into the spotlight. Either way I think it’s really cool that there’s a holiday in which I can celebrate my love for my family, friends, and dogs!” -Franki Rudensky

“…the feast day of the patron saint of love, young people and happy marriages. It’s a day to express your love between not only romantic interests, but also your friends and family.” -Nicholas Mandarano

“…a holiday that you spend with the people you love, whether that means a significant other, friends, or family. The last few years, my single friends and I have spent the night going for pizza and eating Dunkin Donuts’ Valentine’s Day donuts, so I plan to keep the tradition going. It’s not a bad holiday if you make it fun!” -Alex Hargrave

“…exciting simply due to the fact that it is finally acceptable to eat an entire box of chocolates; not to mention the conversational hearts and bouquets of roses that serve to make the holiday even sweeter. Although feelings toward v-day can be quite controversial, I think everyone can agree that spreading the love is always something we can get behind.” -Becky Hartman

“…overhyped. While the idea of a day dedicated to love is a nice sentiment, do we really need a single day to show love? Why not spread the love every day?” -Luke Malanga

“…free burritos. Last year, on Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend (who I was not dating at the time) asked me to go to Qdoba with him so that we could get a free burrito. When I looked up the deal online you had to kiss someone to receive the free burrito. I turned down his offer.” -Kellie O’Brien

“…reminiscent of candy from my mom! Every Valentine’s Day my mom creates a gift basket filled with sweet treats and candy for me. thanks mom!” -Madison Auer

“…a day that I take as a day to appreciate the people that have come into my life and have made an impact.” -Joey Toczylowski

“…an annual holiday to express and exchange love between people who are nearest and dearest to your heart. It is associated closest to romance, but can be a day to show affection to even an acquaintance.” -Alexis Hewish

“…the one day where it is socially acceptable for couples to excessively force their relationships down my throat.” -Michael Zito

“…a time where you get to go all out to celebrate your loved ones. You walk into the store and view everyone frantically searching for the perfect bouquet of flowers and tasty chocolate. Waking up on Valentine’s Day, I receive the same heart-shaped box of candy from my mom and flowers from my dad.” -Amy Ferrigno

“…corny and consumer like. But I do think Valentine’s Day is a good day to appreciate your friends, significant other, as well as relatives. It’s good to spend that day just saying that you appreciate their friendship or relationship and telling them that they mean a lot to them.” -Jarett Hurms

“… a celebration of love. I’ve spent Valentine’s Day single, being in a relationship, and even right after being dumped. No matter what your relationship status, Valentine’s Day should be about spreading the love you have for your friends, your family, and most importantly yourself.” -Kaitlyn Patterson

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